How it works

A few simple steps to start saving

Finding the best processing solution requires a lot of knowhow, but we make it simple.

Step 1 – The analysis

  • loupe_2We start with a brief telephone conversation to make sure that we can help your type of business.
  • You send us your last months’ processing statement.
  • We analyze it and come up with a “processing profile” based on business type, volume, risk factor, average ticket, capture method and card types accepted.
  • One of our experts conducts a short interview to find out what matters most to you in finding the ideal merchant services partner.


Step 2 – The research

  • puzzle2We research the market thoroughly sorting through several service providers to find the best match for the merchant’s profile.
  • We find a short list of companies that can offer you a substantially better deal, while meeting every other criteria.
  • We prepare cost and feature comparisons showing the difference between the deal they have and the one we can offer them.


Step 3 – The result

  • tarte2We present these options to the merchant and explain the difference between the options
  • We explain the differences and the pros and cons of each option, and show how much you can save.
  • If interested, you make the choice that is the most advantageous and best suits your needs.


Step 4 – You start saving!

  • money4We handle the complete referral and oversee the process of switching providers from A to Z.
  • In a very short period of time, you start saving more money than you ever thought possible!


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