Who we are

We put our knowledge to work to reduce your payment processing fees

An expert independent service provided at no cost to the merchant.

Who we are


We are a team of brokers specialized in payment processing for merchants. Every member is a professional with years of experience in the credit card industry. Through our collective expertise, we ensure you get the best deal, based on your specific needs.

We are not payment processors, nor are we affiliated with any specific processor. We are independent brokers, working exclusively for YOU, the merchant.

In much the same way that a real estate broker can help a home owner, we know the payment processing market and we understand your needs. That’s how we can find the most flexible and cost effective solutions. We also help you avoid the ‘tricks’, hidden fees, and contractual fine print that can be a hassle and costly in the end.


Why we do it

Due to a lack of knowledge, a lot of small and medium sized business owners pay 20% to 50% more than they should for payment processing. We are here to level the playing field.

Most merchants just sign up for credit and debit card processing services through their local bank, never realizing that there are other solutions in the market place that can cost much less. In fact, there are hundreds of companies that offer those services, all with different options and varied costs depending on the services needed. Understanding those offers is a complex task.

As independent specialists, we do the research for you and present clear options, demystifying the whole process. We offer strategic guidance to empower you and allow you to make the best decision for your business.

Because of our unique position in the industry, we are able to provide you with this service at NO cost. Every month, we do group purchases and refer many merchants to processors. You get the savings and we get a standard referral fee from the processor.


How you benefit

You get a team of experts working to find the best match between your business profile and the best processors offer available, often saving hundreds or thousands of dollars every year… all that at no cost to you.

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